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"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life”

- Nelson Mandela

Our Roots & The Baobab

The Baobab tree is a distinctively African symbol crucial in its provision of shade and nourishment and a central part of traditional legend and lore.
Historically they served as meeting places, with kings and elders believing they could channel the tree’s ancient and powerful energy. This energy would in turn help their communities in making important decisions. Their status as a venue for community gathering remains in-tact to the modern-day.

The Baobab is a source of nourishment and shelter for all. MGMC aims to embody the value of the Baobab for the people in communities where we work. Our logo represents what we strive to achieve, and in pursuit of this goal to be able to say…


Our Roots
Image by Angelo Moleele


MGMC Group operates in numerous countries across Southern, Central and Eastern Africa. 


Our goal is to become Africa’s largest producer of Pharmaceuticals, and in so doing supply

medicines and vaccines in accordance with our

Compassionate Pricing Program. 


We are already in the process of establishing a

Bio Pharmaceutical production hub

in Entebbe, Uganda.

For the first time ever, medicines will be

manufactured at affordable prices




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Countries of Operation
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Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic the parties that make up the African Vaccine Alliance

have grown increasingly concerned about the lack

of vaccine provision for African nations.


They have agreed to collectively work together in order to deliver on an investment opportunity that will see the establishment of the first African Vaccine Manufacturing capacity for the COVID – 19 virus.


A biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility will be established at the MGMC Pharmaceutical facility to be located in Africa.


The Vaccine program will be initiated and rolled out across Africa on a Phased basis, The aim is to reach

the vast majority of the population as expediently

as possible.


MGMC and the African Vaccine Alliance


provides access to those people and communities that could otherwise not afford it.

What is unique about MGMC Groups’ production program is that our reverse engineering of the cost of production and the market value of the medicinal products in comparison to similar products in the Pharma market. MGMC Pharma has the ability to establish an equitable trade model that allows for its Compassionate Pricing model to fit within existing standardised value chains. A unique benefit of the territories we operate in. 


The net result is that as part of our Compassionate Pricing Model, and through access to a pharmaceutical-grade production facility, we will be able to offer to the people of the African continent access to pharmaceutical medicines at substantially reduced-price points.  A means tested provision will ensure those who require medicine will receive them, regardless of economic standing.


The MGMC Group Compassionate Pricing Model will contribute directly to primary and preventative health care on a community level and pharmaceutical medicines for specific conditions.

Image by Eva Blue


What MGMC do



Our product offering is comprehensive and continuously expanding. We offer various pharmaceutical, medical disposables and devices as well as consumer health products.




Through our association with Intellectus Campus, we invest in delivering the required medical sklls and expertise to Africa, ensuring that education and skills development continues to grow. 

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Regulation is an important focus for the group and over the years we have developed a highly skilled team of regulatory pharmacists to manage the dynamic and complex regulatory environment. 

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Our commitment is to improve the state of health of all Africans by providing a full suite of a high quality, cost effective healthcare solutions geared at addressing the prevention and treatment of disease and health risks facing the African people. 

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HIV and AIDS, once believed to be an irreversible curse upon mankind is starting to show signs of containment now with relentless efforts from global and local stakeholders. MGMC Group is proud to be involved in supporting this noble cause throughout the African continent. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve successful HIV epidemic control in the continent. 

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that three-quarters of the population residing in the sub-Shaharan region is at risk of contracting malaria. The African region continues to bear 90% of global malaria cases and 91% of malaria deaths world wide. A total of 194 million cases and 407,000 deaths were reported to have cocured in the region in 2016. Nigeria alone, the continents most populous nation accounted for 27% of malaria cases and 24% of malaria deaths globally in 2016. Supporting the most heavily-affected African countries will be critical to get the global malaria response back on track.

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TB still poses a serious global public health concern. Africa and Asia share the majority of the world’s TB burden. Africa has close to a quarter of the world’s TB cases yet only comprising of 16% of its population. Most of Africa also has the highest rates of incident TB cases and TB related deaths. Africa’s TB burden is further confounded by the HIV epidemic. The burden of HIV among TB patients in several places in sub-Saharan Africa is around 50% (Global TB Report, 2017). 

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Image by Louis Reed


In vaccine development, complex factors such as formulation with adjuvants (including clinical development of vaccine adjuvants), physicochemical interactions, biocompatibility and bioactivity characterisation, are often underestimated.

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Vaccine Adjuvents

Encapsulation technologies are beneficial to extend the shelf life of the product, reduce evaporation and degradation, prevent intermolecular interaction, improve sensory characteristics, control the release of bioactive compounds and enhance the bioavailability of active compounds.

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Encapsulation Technologies

In line with its philosophy of innovation, MGMC Pharma Group will bring novel, differentiated Complimentary Medicines (CAMS) to health care practitioners and consumers, either through local development or partnerships with leading international companies.

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Novel CAMS

MGMC Offerings
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